In a world that can often feel overwhelming and negative, it's important to take the time to focus on positive news stories that remind us of the good in humanity. From heartwarming acts of kindness to inspirational stories of perseverance, uplifting news stories can inspire us to be better and do better. Here are a few positive news stories that are sure to put a smile on your face.

  1. 10-Year-Old Raises Money for Homeless Veterans

When 10-year-old Mikaab Alvi saw homeless veterans in his community, he knew he wanted to do something to help. With the help of his family, he started a fundraising campaign to collect money for the veterans. In just a few weeks, he raised over $13,000, which he used to purchase items like sleeping bags, warm clothing, and toiletries for the veterans.

  1. Teenager Saves Lives with CPR Training

When 17-year-old Taison Oliver saw a man collapse in a store, he knew exactly what to do. Thanks to his CPR training, he was able to revive the man before paramedics arrived. This isn't the first time Taison has used his training to save a life - he's also helped his grandfather and a neighbor in separate incidents.

  1. Community Comes Together to Support Local Business

When a beloved bakery in a small town was in danger of closing, the community rallied to save it. Customers started a social media campaign to promote positive uplifting stories, and local businesses donated supplies and services to help the owners stay afloat. Thanks to the support of the community, the bakery is still open today.

  1. Formerly Homeless Woman Graduates from College

After spending years living on the streets, Jasmine Scofield decided to turn her life around. She enrolled in college and worked tirelessly to earn her degree, despite facing numerous obstacles along the way. When she walked across the stage at her graduation ceremony, she received a standing ovation from her classmates and professors.

  1. Kindergarten Teacher Donates Kidney to Student's Father

When one of her students' fathers needed a kidney transplant, kindergarten teacher Lindsay Painter stepped up to donate her kidney. She had never met the man before, but she knew she wanted to help when she heard about his condition. The transplant was successful, and the two families have become close friends.

  1. Young Girl Raises Money for Cancer Research

When 8-year-old Madeline Domian heard about a family friend who had been diagnosed with cancer, she knew she wanted to do something to help. She started a lemonade stand and raised over $3,000 for cancer research. Her efforts caught the attention of a local news station, and she was invited to throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

  1. Veteran Reunited with Lost Medals

When a World War II veteran lost his medals in a house fire, he thought they were gone forever. But thanks to the efforts of a Good Samaritan, the medals were found and returned to him. The veteran was overjoyed to have his medals back, and the story went viral on social media.

  1. Boy with Rare Disorder Finds Best Friend in His Dog

When 4-year-old Caleb Acosta was diagnosed with a rare disorder that left him unable to walk or talk, his family knew they needed to find him a special companion. That's when they found Cupcake, a golden retriever who became Caleb's constant companion and best friend. With Cupcake by his side, Caleb has faced numerous medical procedures and hospital stays with courage and determination.

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